Exciting things are happening in the world of publishing.

If you love books and reading, this is the best time in history to be alive! Not only do you have the wealth of classics available to you for free through excellent services such as Project Gutenberg, you have a massive outpouring of new material from creative types who have been liberated by new technology.

Back in the not-so-good old days, book publishing was in privileged domain of a select few. That was because the printing process was enormously expensive and publishing companies, which could churn out only a few hundred or a few thousand titles per year, were very selective as to whose work they would put into print.

In today’s world, publishing no longer means just running a giant printing press that would stamp ink on giant rolls of paper, which would be cut up into pages and glued or stitched together.

With the advent of e-readers, publishing means typing words into word processing document and clicking a button to upload it to an electronic book distributor, such as Amazon. Now, there are a few additional steps (such as creating an eye-catching cover), but for the most part, publishing today is as easy as that.

This means people with ideas that they want to share with the world can put them in front of readers with no barriers from choosy, clique-y publishers.

This liberation of the publishing process has created a bonanza for readers. Writers now have the freedom to create the characters that they want to create and take readers through the any experiences they want them to join the characters on — from the atrocious to the zany.

These authors are known as “indies”. That’s short for “independent author” or “independent publisher,” and they are called that because they get their books out to the world completely independent of traditional publishing houses.

And are they ever numerous — and prolific.

On Amazon alone, there are an estimated four million books, a large majority of which are from indies.

When it comes to e-books, the embarrassment of riches can be a big problem as you can become overwhelmed as to where to start and who to choose.

That’s where Indie Adventures (IA, for short) comes in. Here you’ll find suggestions as to what next to read from some of the edgiest, funniest, and most thought-provoking independent authors out there today.

This will be a long list, and we’ll be adding regularly, informing you of new releases and special promotions when you’ll get the best prices. So check back regularly to get the latest updates!


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